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A Very Beatrix Halloween: How to Make Penelope the Octopus & Alexander the Robot Costumes!

Posted by Carla McAlary on

We are passionate about both kids and characters at Beatrix, so it is no wonder that Halloween is one of our favorite holidays! This year we decided to celebrate by sharing simple step-by-step costume designs for two of our most popular characters, Penelope the Octopus and Alexander the Robot. We hope you enjoy and please feel free to share on Instagram with the tag @beatrixny. 

Penelope the Octopus Halloween Costume


1. Pattern for Making Costume 2. Scissors (Poppin3. Pencil/ Tailor's Chalk 4. Permanent Marker (Fat or Thin) 5. Tacky Glue (Aleenes6. Poster board 18/24"  7. 1 yd. Purple Fabric (Michael's) 8. Light and Dark Pink Construction Paper, Felt, or Fabric  9. Yarn or String (Preferably Purple) 10. Bubbles (For Effect)


1. Download the pattern for pieces
2. Make the body

  • Print out one copy of each sheet.
  • Cut out pattern pieces for top and bottom body.
  • Trace out the top and bottom body (2 times matching centers) on the poster board marking with all the circular red dots. 

*Hint: Use a push pin to mark the circles.

  • Once traced, cut out whole body.
  • Cut out one 17.5" Square of purple fabric. Place body pattern on purple square and trace, making sure you transfer the small circles. 
  • Once traced, trim the purple fabric, so there is about 1/2" around the circle (body). Use tacky glue on the back side of the poster board. Pull the fabric so it is tight and secure. 

3. Bring Penelope to life

  • Trace (2) tentacle patterns (page 3) on the poster board and mark on the poster board with a pencil all the circular red dots.

*Hint: make sure to flip the tentacle pattern over when tracing second side, so that you can have left and right sides.

  • Cut out left, right and center tentacles from poster board making sure to transfer all dots.
  • Place tentacle patterns on purple fabric and trace, making sure you transfer the small circles. 
  • Cut out fabric with 1/2 extra and attach fabric to poster board with tacky glue.

*Hint- You can fold over the fabric, so you only have to cut once. 

  • Attach left and right tentacles to body matching dots marked from the back. 
  • Cut out pattern for middle tentacle (page 4) and trace to poster board matching all circular dots. 
  • Place middle tentacle pattern on purple fabric and trace making sure you transfer the small circles.
  • Cut out fabric with 1/2 extra and attach fabric to poster board with tacky glue.

  • Cut out remaining patterns from page 4 and 5. On page 4, cut flower pattern out of darker pink fabric/paper and glue on the left side of the head, matching circular dots. 
  • From lighter pink paper/ fabric cut out center of bow, mouth, and all dots. 
  • Matching circular dots, attach to base with glue.

*Hint: Use original pattern backing to create a stencil to place details.

  • For eyes, use stencil and permanent marker to color in.

4. Add finishing touches

  • Attach sticks at cross for support.
  • Have your child hold Penelope, to where she is comfortable and measure out a piece of yarn to extend from the support sticks around her neck and attach.

Alexander the Robot Halloween Costume


1.1 yd light blue fabric (Felt) 2. 9" X 12" Piece of Felt White (1) 3.9" X 12" Piece of Felt Red (3) 4. 9" X 12" Piece of Felt Orange (2)  5. 9" X 12" Piece of Felt Black (1) 6. Sewing Machine. 7. Fabric Scissors 8. Paper Scissors 9. Pins. 10. Tacky Glue 11. Tailor's Chalk 12. Pattern for Alexander Costume  13. Light Blue Long Sleeve Shirt 14. Red Turtleneck 15. Red Mittens or Gloves 16. Black Sweatpants 


1. Download and print out Pattern for Alexander Costume.
2. Cut out all pieces from paper and fabric as noted on pieces.




Carla McAlary holds a BFA in Fashion Design from Savannah College of Art and Design. Her dream job involves traveling the country to different children’s stores, problem solving, writing, clean design, and working for a small business. She is the Sales Manager at Beatrix New York, where she gets to do all of the above.

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