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Beatrix is devoted to creating cool, contemporary gear for kids. High quality alternatives to the disposable stuff that's often made for children. Our products combine a childlike love of whimsy and imagination with a grown-up sense of modern design and simple style. We design products that kids love, and build them so that the love lasts. 

global press and celebrity fans!

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backpacks, lunch boxes, water bottles, bento boxes, luggage, and more!


our story

New York City is a place famous for its coolness, grittiness, and edginess, but two particular residents thought it also needed some adorableness.

Claire Theobald and Marcus Woolcott teamed up with the mission to add a tiny bit more joy to the city. They began by creating a humble little collection of colorful animal characters and embroidering them onto backpacks designed specifically for toddlers. They called their brand Beatrix.

Claire and Marcus wanted their Beatrix packs to have a simple, contemporary look, and a high quality construction. They wanted them to be an alternative to the gimmicky, disposable stuff that was usually offered to kids. And they were happy to discover that other people wanted these things too. People actually started buying their little backpacks!

So they designed more little characters and created more stuff for them to live on; lunch boxes, wheelie bags, bento boxes, water bottles, and more. And Beatrix began to spread beyond New York. To LA! To Miami! To the world!

Now Beatrix's little crew of characters and products can be found in the hands of children everywhere from London to Sydney to Shanghai. No matter where you come across them, you'll find that all Beatrix products have the same focus on simplicity and quality and the same love for childlike imagination.


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For product, distribution, and licensing inquiries please contact us at:

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