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Happy Mother's Day!

Posted by Carla McAlary on

Thank You, Mom(s)!

Here at Beatrix, we really love our Moms. Yes moms, plural. We are so lucky to have so many moms that surround us to support us and inspire us everyday. In honor of Mother’s Day, we want to acknowledge and thank our Moms for all that they do. Each one of our moms holds a special place in the Beatrix family and they are the best cheerleaders we could ask for.

Thank you to our supporting moms. The moms that cheer on their kids, and mention our brand to all their friends. The ones that help us with reviews on our site and bring us along on all of their journeys. 
Thanks to the foodie moms who show us how to pack lunches and the caring moms that call our offices and ask us about everything from phthalates to washing instructions. Your questions help to push us forward and to make our products better.

Thank you to our homemaker moms, who leave a space for us in their entry way or in their cupboard. Thank you to the super stylish moms that show us how to actually wear a backpack. 

Thank you to the shop owner moms who feature us in their windows and introduce us to their neighborhood. Thank you to the "momtreneurs" who partner with us and bring us new fans. Thank you to our charity event and celebrity moms who bring us to important events to get us noticed. 

Thank you to the jet-setter moms who travel the world and bring us along on their travels. Thank you to the photographer moms who brighten our days at Beatrix Headquarters when they show us their children alongside our products. Thanks to the influencer moms who give us ideas about new characters and products, so that we can grow our wonderful world. 


To all the Beatrix Moms, we thank you and wish you a very Happy Mother's Day!

Carla McAlary holds a BFA in Fashion Design from Savannah College of Art and Design. Her dream job involves traveling the country to different children’s stores, problem solving, writing, clean design, and working for a small business. She is the Sales Manager at Beatrix New York, where she gets to do all of the above.

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