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Mini Fashionistas--First Day of School Ever!

Posted by Beatrix New York on

Kids grow up so fast, and we all know how important first impressions can be! Whether first day of school milestones in preschool, kindergarten or grade school, we have your tykes covered with these crazy cute outfits. Be sure to check out our Too Cool for School Pinterest board for even more ideas!

1. Zara shirt 2. Beatrix NY micro-cuddly 3. Zara sneakers 4. H&M chinos 5. Beatrix NY little kid pack 6. Zara dress 7. Beatrix NY micro-cuddly 8. Beatrix NY lunch box 9. H&M ballet flats

First day of school *ever* can be a bit scary for a tot, so make the send-off fun by dressing in a whimsical animal theme, such as this adorable monkey themed shirt from Zara. Likewise, consider sending along a little stuffed friend, such as as one of our super cute "micro-cuddlies" attached to your child's backpack or lunch box--it'll serve as both as a fashionable item and as a comforting tool! (P.S. Get a micro-cuddly for free on the Beatrix website with any purchase over $20! Just add a micro-cuddly to your cart and then use promo code FREECUDDLY).

1. Zara dress 2. Beatrix NY cozy can 3. Beatrix NY bento box 4. Zara ballet flats 5. Beatrix NY bento box
6. Beatrix NY cozy can 7. Zara jeans 8. Zara long sleeve shirt 9. Ralph Lauren shoes

By kindergarten, some children may want to start shifting away from patterns. Consider these "Pretty in Pink" or "Shades of Gray" outfits. Also, since many kindergartens now run for a full day and require packed lunches, accessorize the monochromatic looks with Beatrix's fashionable "cozy cans" and eco-friendly bento boxeswhich will keep your children's food and drinks fresh all day! 

1. Zara long sleeve shirt 2. J.Crew pants 3. Converse high tops 4. Beatrix NY iPad case 5. Beatrix NY Big Kid Pack 6. J.Crew top 7. H&M cardigan 8. Zara skirt 9. Michael Kors sneakers

As first grade approaches, many children start caring more about their footwear. Two savvy suggestions that effortlessly meld comfort and fashion: these striped Converse high-tops and gold Michael Kors sneakers. What do you pack for your tyke at this age? There's homework, lunch, snacks, perhaps even an iPad. Beatrix Big Kid Backpacks allow bigger kids more room and can fit standard sized folders. Beatrix iPad cases are made to fit all iPad models, and even a few non Apple products as well. 

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