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Get Organized with Beatrix Bits & Pieces Pouches!

Posted by Carla McAlary on

The weather is slowly getting nicer here in New York, which means the time has come to find a day or a week where we clean and organize everything we own in the name of Spring Cleaning.

This year in an attempt to organize everything, we will look to our “Type A” friends, who seem to utilize a Russian Doll like system of organization: folders organized within other folders and bags within bags within bags. If our personal items are more organized, then maybe we don’t have to feel around our huge bag (that seems to be getting heavier by the day!) in order to find our child’s dinosaur toy, or the chapstick, or a cell phone charger. 

At Beatrix, we’re so excited for our Bits & Pieces pouches! Colorful with wipeable linings, but how can they be used to make life more organized? Here are some suggestions featuring our favorite Beatrix characters. 

For when you're going to grandma's house or when you go to the candy store and the "cavity waiting to happen" feeling rushes over, and you can't wait to get home to brush those little choppers. We don't know if this is tricking our children or treating them by putting supplies for teeth cleaning inside ice cream. Say it with me, "sweet on the outside, clean on the inside." 

1. Dolce & Panna Pouch 2. Jack n' Jill Toothpaste 3. Mouth Watchers Toothbrush 4. The Natural Dentist Cavity Zipper Mouthwash 5. Brush Buddies Flossers 6. Ecover Spot Stain Remover

Here’s a nod to our Type A dreams. What better place for smaller dinosaurs, then inside a bigger dinosaur. Where’s my dinosaur? In the dinosaur. Simple.

Now maybe, when you reach into your purse you won’t get punctured by a sharp object with spikes. (I’m looking at you Triceratops)


Eventually it will get warm again, and that means those first days back to the park where things like sunblock, chapstick, and band-aids are absolute necessities. What better place to store them in this Owl. She seems a little grumpy on the the outside, but inside is a whole different story (just like some other girls we know). She’s got room for all kinds of life savers inside.

1. Lip Balm Babyganics 2. First Aid Kit 3. 7th Generation Baby Wipes 4.Papar Pouch 5. Papar Micro-Cuddly 6. Babyganics Sunblock

For all the art supplies, that must come on this car trip or the restaurant with the coloring book placemats. 

Thank goodness these pouches are machine washable with wipeable interiors, for all those crayons, colored pencils, and washable markers, because no matter how many times you check the lids and caps are on, one isn't and it will leave a mark inside your favorite purse.


For all those bits and bites you need in this ever-evolving technological landscape. Something to hold the 15 different types of chargers and cords you need for your tablet, iphone, fitbit, electric pacifier, and everything

*Especially the screen wipes, because somehow even though toddlers hands are technically smaller, the smudgy handprints left behind might make you second guess.

1. Kikkerland iphone changer. 2. Bobino cord wrap 3. Dual usb charger 4. Lil Gadgets headphones 5. Corded iphone charger 6. AM Screen mist, wipes, and buffs 7. Pixel Pouch

Carla McAlary holds a BFA in Fashion Design from Savannah College of Art and Design. Her dream job involves traveling the country to different children’s stores, problem solving, writing, clean design, and working for a small business. She is the Sales Manager at
Beatrix New York, where she gets to do all of the above.

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