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Yummy, Yummy: Creative Lunch Ideas for Kids!

Posted by Carla McAlary on

School is back in full swing, which means packing daily lunches is back on! With so many options, it’s difficult to narrow down creative ideas day in and day out. We’ve selected recipes from some of our favorite children’s food bloggers and designed meals for the most challenging eaters. These lunches will guarantee all the effort you put into making lunches in the mornings or night before insures empty lunch boxes and well fed tots. 

Picky Eater  Probably the most common among children but also the most difficult to feed, he doesn’t like anything and worse his allergies add to the list of things he can’t eat, so what’s left to feed him? Here’s a simple gluten and nut free delicious meal for the pickiest of eaters. Made with grapes and celery, this chicken salad will surely please even the pickiest of young eaters.


                      Pickey-palate Chicken Salad Texan Erin Apple Chips  (Beatrix Bento Box)

Green Bean Vegan  This child is less common but is sprouting up more and more in the lunchroom. Her vegan diet makes her a little different from some classmates, but don’t worry we’ve included some sweets for this child to reward her for those healthy choices.


Weelicious Lentil Cranberry Salad  Baby Food E Almond Milk with Cinnamon Baby Food E Granola Bars                 Yummy Toddler Food Zucchini Brownie  (Beatrix NY Juju Cozy Can  Beatrix Juju Bento Box)

Snackaholic  Does it sometimes feel like your toddler eats more snacks than meals? Every time you turn around he’s munching on something but you can’t figure out if he’s getting enough nutrition. Here’s some selections that will keep your Snackaholic full throughout the day while making sure he’s properly nourished.


Yummy Toddler Food Tropical Gummies Fork & Beans Chickpea BBQ Yummy Toddler Food Sweet Potato Sausage  (Beatrix Pixel Bento Box)

Advanced Palate  A natural born foodie, this kid has no problem trying new things and is constantly wanting to expand their taste buds. When packing their lunch, here are some suggestions on how to introduce new tastes and foods but that are still kid friendly for lunch time.



 Baby Food E Beet Cherry Juice Weelicious Mexican Quinoi  Baby Food E Kale Chips (Beatrix Papar Bento Box Beatrix NY Papar Cozy Can)

 Try Beatrix Bento Boxes for an eco-adorable option on the go. Made of rice-husk fiber, they're biodegradable so you can bury them in your backyard instead of a landfill. You can find more about find out more about selecting Healthy Lunch Gear Here. For more great ideas for packing lunches and quick dinners check out our Yummy! board on Pinterest. Check out more great dishes from these bloggers:

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Picky Palate 

Carla McAlary holds a BFA in Fashion Design from Savannah College of Art and Design. Her dream job involves traveling the country to different children’s stores, problem solving, writing, clean design, and working for a small business. She is the Sales Manager at Beatrix New York, where she gets to do all of the above. 

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